Celebs turns down ads on moral ground

In our country there is crazy about two things. One Bollywood and the other cricket. Perhaps this is the reason that the heart of our countrymen is so beating both of them that they consider their favorite stars to be their idol. Even if someone says something to his favorite actor or player, then be sure to have a debate.

That's when our favorite stars advertise a product, we start believing the quality of that product without delay. Being the 'Jabra Fan' of our favorite celebrities, we also start using that thing.

From this point of view, B-Town and Maharishthi of cricket are also aware, therefore, here today, we are going to tell you about some of the Slebes who have rejected the advertisement of such products, whose quality they do not have a coincidence. .

The century's superhero Amitabh Bachchan had also advertised a cola brand for a long time, but when a child questioned him that he knew that the product he was editing was a slow piano, why are he doing this? ? Then Amitabh realized his mistake and since then he is very careful to choose the ad.

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